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Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's been a while

Well last time we posted on this blog, it was over a year much time has passed - but it seems like yesterday. So, lets play catch up...we have had quite the year. Gary took a new job in Denver, and we both moved out there this past February. Jenna and Justin moved to Denver as well, they came here in April. So now, all three sisters are back together again in one state. What a blessing. Gary and I purchased a home in Westminster (about 25 mins from downtown Denver) - we love it. Jenna and Justin (and little baby Mara) purchased a home just down the street...we also love that. :) Gary and I found out that we were expecting our first little bundle of joy in February...another blessing. We are due on October 29th, and couldn't be more excited. So for now, we have been very focused on getting our house ready for a baby - it's very time consuming, but  a lot of fun. I have been having a good pregnancy, just dealing with the uncomfortableness of the hot summer months....had a bit of heartburn in the second tri-mester, but that went away as soon as I started taking probiotics. The swelling in my ankles and feet has really started to kick in, and I am now more than ever, ready for this precious baby to make his or her arrival. That's right, we don't know what we are having is going to be a big surprise for everyone. It's killing me not to know though. :) We will try to keep this a bit more current from here forward, but no promises. ;)