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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Life. After.

Sitting here tonight, recalling the last month - what a whirl-wind it has been. Life continues to be a learning experience. Each day something NEW: a thought, a feeling, a fear, a lesson. It's hard to understand all the new things that are presented to us - so I try not to, it just makes me anxious. I just hope that in time, they will be revealed to us, like little gifts that are presented when the time is "right".  We have been through a lot, but there are others who have been through much more. We are never given more than we can handle, I truely believe that. Life is moving on, and we must go along with it.  There are so many great memories to be made and moments to savor. NEW experiences, new happinesses, and new perspective. We are blessed to have so much love in our lives. Friends, family, and health.

This will be our 2nd 4th of July in Colorado, but this year we get to spend it with Jenna & Justin, Jessica & Andy, Todd and Kelly, how FUN. We will have a home full of family and friends, dogs and one cat! ha. Jenna is getting baptized in Rifle Falls on Saturday - what an amazing gift. We are camping on Sunday in Vega State, campfires, NEW memories....

As we return to the normalcy of life, we will never forget those whom we love so dearly but can not be with us now. We will remember, with a smile and a tear - and continue on, as new people.  God bless you Joey Lawson.